The GIR of Architecture and Energy has sought since its inception to disseminate the generated knowledge by providing new fields of research in the topic of architecture.

The dissemination of achieved results seeks to involve other national and international researchers about the analysis procedure and interpretation. The aim of the reporting of the results is the contribution of methodologies that can be applied by professional technicians and designers to improve comfort conditions, health and hygiene of built spaces without forgetting the environmental criteria for conservation energy and natural resources.
The research group is actively participating in conferences, courses, seminars and technical committees in which the results and conclusions of developed research procedures are provided.

However, the majority of the diffusion is focused on scientific publications on high quality media, given the high impact that the conclusions of the researchs conducted have proved. Currently, the GIR has a significant number of shares in proven and prestigious publications and has been recognised as an important reference, both national and international, in the field of ventilation.

We will show the presence of the Laboratory in the academic and professional world, both including published works and new contributions to the field such as conferences and lectures in which a team member involved.

The main diffusion areas are:
        - Publishing
        - Congresses