Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning System (HVAC), model SDCE/HE 105 TD/K/F Saunier Duval
To impose the desired conditions of temperature and dehumidification inside the chamber a HVAC (heat pump) Saunier Duval, model SDCE/HE 105T D/K/F with resistance battery, is used.

Wind Tunnel

Pending completion

Vertical Conducts

Pending completion

Metheorological Station


The weather station installed in the roof of the E.T.S. Architectural School provides with weather information necessary for the hygrothermical factors and conditions evaluation.
The installed equipments consists of: anemometer; barometer with outside temperature sensor; pluviometer and ultraviolet sensor. These devices send wireless signals to the reception console, which processes and evaluates the data for its computing treatment as a data base.
Additionally, a pyranometer that obtains the instant value of incident solar radiation has been added to the bases weather station.

Blower Door


Airtightness analysis in indoor spaces is executed with the controlled pressurization system BlowerDoor®. This system consists of the differential pressures evaluation between the inside and the outside when causing the controlled pressurization of the indoor space. The obtained results provide with necessary information to determine airtightness that are produced due to execution defects of the enclosure.